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ok ok ok i am so behind on updating the blog. it has been busy as ever on the work and homefront but here’s a recap of whats been happening:
-the gulf coast half iron went wrong for me. i was super fit but just lost motivation and energy on the run. oh well that was second bad race of 08
-since then i have had 4 top ten overalls including a Best Bike Split at a race
-after 13 years of racing i believe i know my physical and mental limiters (finally) but i ain’t telling no one
-our baby blu is the most awesome little girl in the world and everyday is just complete happiness, surprise, satisfaction and elation for erinne and i
-we went to eleuthra for a week of relaxation and it was really nice not to have any pressure to train or work, a great island with great conch fritters. i actually had a fried food day (once a year ain’t bad). for those of you that don’t know, erinne can live in the ocean snorkleing. seriously, she loses track of time and just stays forever. i like freediving as well but i think she is growing gills- i have to check her neck
-work is GREAT. our squad of athletes are so much fun to train and we have had some stellar results, even better then we expected after we restructured our programs in January
-i’ve been doing some work with 08 Olympian Matty Reed, great guy and please root for him in beijing
-i’m off to Switzerland and France at the end of the month to train for 8 days with Team TBB. we did this last year and it is the most epic pleace to train, BAR NONE!

ok more later and updates will be more timely. i hope!

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