Toooooooooo long

oh man it has been too long since i posted and so much has happened.
first on the homefront all is very cool with kaia blu and E. we have been preparing for the holidays and wrapping up the season all the while planning for next year. kaia is running and talking and it is great to watch her grow up.

on the biz front-jeez where do i start. first i had an AMAZING time with all my Ironman Floirda peeps on Nov.3 in PCB. we have all been working together for 9 months and the big day came and they executed very wewll. i hit them with some of the hardest training i could come up with and they rocked. all in all there were 7 of them doing there first IM and leading was my main man Jason Timmons, a new father like me with a big bank job and the guy made almost all of his workouts and never stopped smiling. jason told me he was going under 11 hours and he did by going 10:50. NICE!
all the other srolled in within the times they wanted and are now full fledged IM. i waited at the finish for all of them and as they came in i felt so happy for them and the job we all did. they all become a real tight unit and we are on for many journeys in the future.

then i came back to Miami and my friend AJ came ino town from Switzerland and we got to hand out for a few days. he left and raced an ITU race in Cancun and then came back and we went over to Clearwater for the 70.3 world champs. he is hilarious and we have a great time hanging out and training and he tells me old racing stories from back in the day. he ended up 3rd at the race so it was a pretty good weekend. had the race been 1/4 mile longer he would have won. i think his face peeled back from the speed on the run.

well more later and i am off for a ride!

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