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who the heck leaves a used tube on the road. we here in miami have a beautiful place called key biscayne to train on. it is on the water and visually very beautiful. so how come cyclists who get flats leave there old tubes on the ground? who the fuck (i need to use that word, sorry) do you think is going to pick them up and why can’t you put it in your jersey pocket. who the hell (again i need to) do these people thinkthey are to leave them on the road along wioth burnt CO2 canisters. UGHGHHHHHHH this irks me. so i usually pick them up when i can along with gel wrappers. i did this on my run yesterday and it makes you feel better. this earth is so doomed as it is so we all better do our part. now i’m getting mad!!
on brighter news: Team Fitness Mission athlete Jason S. did his first IM in Lake Placid yesterday and went 10:57 with a BodyZen built training plan. way to go jason and that time is great for that course and especially for your first IM. you should be soaking it all in and ready to rock your next one!!!
all else is well and this morning s brew was Green Mountain! very nice!!

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