good day all. it is a rainy sunday morning and my planned ride with my friends got cancelled. big bummer but i slept more with erinne and blu so the rest was welcomed. today is blu’s one year bday party but the actual bday is the 30th. we’re doing a big party so that will be fun. she is getting more awesoem every day.
i did a tiny sprint yesterday and felt pretty good even though i ddin’t have a tri bike as i sold ine ad am waiting for my new lucero. i have always said raod bikes are 1-2 mph slower then tri bikes and they sure are. but the swim and run were real good and i red lined the run and came in top ten i think. i am going to hit a nieghborhood 5k toight if it doesn’t rain.
we’re about to anounce a new project we have been working on for close to 2 years and i can’t wait. keep your eyes peeled. well i think that is all and this morning i am drinking Green Mountain French Roast. very nice.

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