What I Like. Suunto Ambit3 Peak

This is a little odd! I wake up every morning to an alarm from a Suunto Mountaineering watch I bought back in 1999. Why I don’t use a regular alarm clock, I don’t know but the watch suffices just fine. Perhaps it harkens me back to a more adventurous time. A time spent freezing in sub zero temperatures and at an altitude cockroaches have trouble living in. But I digress. The Suunto works fine for this. Fast forward to 2015 and I’m using the new Suunto Ambit3 Peak for my recent sports and just plain fun.

The Ambit3 has a very traditional design and looks like a watch and not a tablet strapped onto my wrist. I’ve used this watch for pool swimming, stand up paddling, ocean swimming, trail running, road running and hundreds of miles of cycling. It’s really great for cycling and has every function imaginable including all the power and HR displays including aerodynamic drag in real time. I’m looking forward to using the functions to help me do some mountainous hiking later this summer. It also gives me total ascent rate and every conceivable altitude function.
I did some cool custom things to the features like naming the cycling function, BodyZen Cycling and also creating custom screens through their very easy to use website.

The battery life is incredible and also looks like a normal watch so I don’t look like a multisport athlete with the need to show I’m a multisport athlete. The very best thing about the Ambit3 is that it takes only a few seconds to locate the GPS satellites. No more having to turn on my watch 30 minutes before and leaving it outside to locate. The Ambit3 literally syncs up in less than five seconds. Another super awesome feature are the push notifications from my phone. While I’m out riding and my phone is in my jersey I can see if my daughter texts or calls me right on the watch. I don’t like being distracted while I ride so now there is no need to take the phone out of my jersey.

The Movescount app for the phone is very slick and sums up workouts and adventures in an easy to read display and with one button the watch syncs right to the phone app and then uploads perfectly to my Strava account. There are a lot of functions with the Movescount app and I used it to change the settings on my watch and also to view data from my workouts and adventures. I haven’t come close to using it to its full functionality yet but time will tell. You can also get fans to like your workouts so please go in and be a fan of my channel!

Suunto has done a great job of making some awesome tutorial videos, https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8tpHUu2BPH_mlxyFFCFk2oG3_Dzy8QSY and these have come in quite handy. The Suunto movies that are created for the app are super cool and I can share them instantly across any social media channel.

If you’re looking for a RELIABLE all arounder which will look great grinding out the miles or at a gala then give the Suunto Ambit3 a go. Now I have an even fancier alarm clock than before.


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