Where do the days go

It has been a little while since my last post and nothing earth shattering to report. Erinne and I have been working on a very BIG project for the last year and it looks as if it might be taking off soon. I’ll have the final answers on it soon but it is part of the evolution of BodyZen. I am really happy with our business now. We were voted Best Coaching Company for the third year in a row and we still coach some fantastic athletes with great results. Now if they would just send me the PM downloads and log all the workouts we would be perfect. You know who you are. I can’t wait to get some new toys for 2007 for the new season. Maybe a new Power Meter or helmet. HHMMMMMM Our good friend Lotte Branigan looks to be in for the USAT 2007 Overall Female Athlete of the Year. This girls rocks man and if yo uever get to meet her do it. She is so sweet when she isn’t running a 17:50 5K. Her husband, not so much!

Erinne, Kaia Blu and I are doing well and I have been spending a lot of time with her. I really love the time together with her. It’s funny actually as we go to the bike shop, the running store and just stroll thru the hood. Good times. All of us, minus the dogs, will be going away for 2 weeks to North Carolina. I wonder if the earth will still be rotating when we get back. KBZ is over 6 months old now and it sitting up (a big deal), laughing and all around being cute.

If you read this report and have been keeping up with it then let me know as some of you do. Well till next time. Thanks for reading. Oh by the way-this report is brought to you by Kona Coffee 100%.

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