2011 Swiss Bike Camp Day 4

Today was the easiest day of the camp so far. I think I will start calling it a Tour because that’s what it feels like. Yesterday was super tough and i laid around for 5 hours eating every 30 minutes and sleeping until i felt better and managed a 5K run in the pm. We then went to the Montreux Jazz festival. Awesome. i drove down about an hour and it was a sweet drive. I met the guys at the fesival and we jsut hung out eating and laughing. Well they drank a bit and of course I didn’t so i was the driver. The music was really good and lively with a female jazz singer from Canada keeping us entertained. But 7 guys together from all over the world led to funny moments and great memories.

I was asleep about midnight and we woke up today. I made soem egs for the guys and had some pain au chocolate for breakfast and then we headed out for an “easy” 2 hours. It was relatively easy and even though we had two nice climbs we all kept it very easy and chatty. the best part was the cafe after. five of us just hung out for lunch and talked about US vs. Aussie economy and was really interesting. then back to the flat for a solid nap. the guys went out for the afternoon but i stayed in to catch up on work and emails. caught up with Blu via skype and she kept kissing the screen. awwwwww then more calls with clients. legs are up and le tour is on.


Leysin to Lucerne 180K about 6-7 hours then Wednesaday Lucerne to Konstanz 130K rolling THEN Thursday Konstanz back to Leysin 320K about 12 hours. I don’t know if I will make it but we have a support car following us so we are safe and sound. SO I have my own lil Tour de Suisse going on. I hope I make it all. Please leave comments if you can. All 3 of you who read this. Bon Jour!

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