2011 Swiss Camp

See this all day long.

Please excuse the typos. this will be a stream of thought post and barely proofread so i can leave it raw. what am i doing in the is tiny swiss village for the third time? my good buddy AJ organized 8 days of cycling for some close friends from around the world. so we have aussies, frenchies, swissies, brits and me (rep ing the US). AJ planned 38-43 hours of cycling thru the alps in 8 days. interesting since the most i’ve probably done in 8 days in 20 hours and that was mostly flat. damn. but oh well. i am here. the weather and scenery is epic. the type of cinemtaic scenery where you want to stop and photgraph every 5 mintues. i arived yesterday after an easy flight trip. we rode very easy ~180 watts for 100K (62 miles) yesterday with some fo the guys just to warm the legs up. we went thru great towns like ouchy, montreux and lausanne. i love it here. i love the euro scene, the small towns and the foreign languages. the great part of this kind of camp is that you have to eat, a lot. so i ahve been since i have it the toughest out of anyone here. i say that becuase i am probably the weakest guy and also am doing swimming and running. so after the ride yesterday i went out for a tempo 5K trail run. gorgeous. photos from that later. i slept 9 hours solid last night as today was a slightly more difficult day. 85K but with 3 big climbs. while flying down the mountain at 60KPH a cavalcade of thoughts went thru my mind almost as fast as the descent. i took mental note ofthem and it went like this (pardon the cursing):

foo fighter-good song, i can’t descend for shit, butt back, did tommy do that run i gave him, i miss my blu, personal freedom finally, turn, outside foot out, squeeze top tube, damn nespresso was good today, fuck he passed me again, tuck and press, this doesnt suck at all, i have the life, girl on my mind, stop thinking about the girl, shit gravel, c’mon 65KPH, i’m last, did i eat enough, brake, go, turn catch them, must get new logo on new kit, love swissland, life rocks, i’m so lucky, miss blu, did mark do that ride today, flying.

so there it is. we stopped in Gstaad for coffee and met two american girls who are on the US Beach Volleyball team. there is a huge world cup beach volleyball

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