2012 Ironman Hawaii Zenner Michael Danish

As the 2012 edition of Ironman Hawaii goes off this Saturday BodyZen has one very special Zenner racing. Former Coast Guard pilot Micahel Danish is racing on the big island for the second time. Last year Michael debuted in Kona with an outstanding 9:30 race. This year Micahel has done some different and shall we say epic races including the Leadville 100 where he finished with the pro’s. Read more about his racing on his blog at http://mikedanishracing.wordpress.com/.
Michael contacted Coach Lee to help him with his final 18 weeks of training. We’ll post more info and full race reports after the big dance but in looking at one of Michael’s eight week training blocks with Coach Lee’s sessions, he took off a whopping nine seconds from his threshold pace in the swim and also added about 10 watts to threshold power on the bike. While all the numbers are great to have the proof is in the pudding in the race. There were also some hiccups in Micahel’s run training but they are a thing of the past.
Keep an eye out for Michael this Saturday as he takes on the worlds most grueling endurance race.

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