So what I am doing here at Ambergris Cay? First, I must say this private island is the home to the Turks and Caicos Sporting Club which is
an island with ultra private and high end private homes. The island is only open to resdidents and guests of residents and is 110 acres. It is a small island about
3.5 miles long and 1.5 miles wide with wonderful packed dirt roads and rolling terrain. The climate is tropical and this time of year is absolutely perfect.
The TC Sporting Club is first class in every way and caters to active people who enjoy phenomenal fishing, snorkeling, kayaking and above all else some of the highest quality gourmet and delicious meals
anywhere. Ok, so why am I here again? I was contracted to develop and lead a multi sport and fitness weekend on the island for the residents and also organize a mini triathlon
consisting of a short swim in the salt water lagoon, a 2 mile kayak in the lagoon and then a two mile run. I am on day two and yesterday we met some of the guests and had some very informal
conversations about the triathlon and the weekends events. Last nights dinner was superb and in my younger years I was fortunate to work at some high end restaurants with some great chefs and the meal
last night rivaled the best I have ever had in the states. The starter was a Carribean Conch Chowder which had more flavors going on then I could count. Spicy, savory tones with a good amount of curry and very
tender conch bites. I was full from the chowder before the main course but it came and I was excited. Fresh grilled lobster over Rosemary Risotto. DONE. Need I say more. It was perfect. Lobster was tender and not tough and the risotto was
not overly cheesy or buttery. Chef Tadd knows how to create the perfect blend of flavors and from start to finish it was a 10.

Now I had to go explore the island to help set up for the tri. I went for a sunrise run and even though I am from a tropcial area this was breathtaking. No one was on the road, the wind was whipping, the sun rising and the surf breaking on the sharp cliffs.
I stopped midway through the run to take in the scent of the ocean from high atop a cliff. Great run and inspriring. I ended the run at the clubhouse and we had a yoga/sport stretch session with some of the residents and guests. For an hour we bent, tweaked, torqued and stretched
our bodies on the edge of the infiniti pool to the Atlantic. With the sound of the water running and the sight of palm trees blowing everywhere we enjoyed getting our bodies loose and ready for the day.
Another great meal was served and I passed on the coconut pancakes or french toast and aimed to keep healthy with REAL hearty oatmeal, blueberries, egg whites and fresh fruit. Everything from the serving utensils to the coffee was absolutely first class.
If I had the money I would have a home here. Forget the bahamas. Maybe tomorrow I will go for the pancakes. After breakfast we headed to the environmental learning center on the island which house some snakes, crabs and a beautiful salt water tank
replete with grouper, lion fish, lobster and more. There is a great library with many books about the Turks and Caicos but we’re here to train not read. I began with the members with a session on swimming for performance and after a few minutes of lecture we went right
to the lagoon to practice. We worked on some body position and kicking drills and then progressed to some freestyle swimming while working on sighting. There is a race tomorrow afterall. After the swim session and some homemade mango/passionfruit electrolyte drink I began some classes
on kayaking. We had a fun hour of kayak work in the lagoon and everyone enjoyed the challenges. We then had some off time and then lunch.

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