Yes, I am still here in Ambergris Cay, I mean paradise. Today was the Inaugural Turks and Caicos Sporting Club Triathlon. We had a great team working together to put on the event and with Sandy Mac, Chris and Sandy H. all working seamlessly in concert we sent off the athletes on a 200 meter swim, 2 mile kayak and then a 2 mile run. I was having fun and being the safety guy at the same time while out on the stand up paddle board (this sport might soon be taking me away from tri’s-I so dig it). With all the athletes in the water safely they finished the swim brilliantly and were out on the kayaks in no time facing the wind and the chop. They kayaked much like a baby walks, sometimes straight, sometimes wobbling, sometimes side to side but these “hard core” athletes were not to be stopped by some wind. They all perservered and made it and transitioned to their run shoes. My new friends Robert and Katherine even stopped for a smoke break (don’t get me started) and you had to meet them to love them. We had the Concierge of the island finish first with some other members rounding out the top podium spots. See picture. Everyone had lots of fun and it really did seem like they were in a race. With Robert and Katherine coming into the finish the race was over and we all had a great lunch of fish tacos and the most outrageous anywhere Yucca fries. Gourmet doesn’t even begin to describe the food here. It is off the hook. We had a short awards ceremony and then some press interviews. Then Chef Tadd and I had some time with the members and the press going over sports nutrition and he made his homemade electrolyte drink. See picture. UNREAL!!!! After some short off time I worked with one of the islands owners on swimming and we are going to get him ready for his first tri in about 3 months. I hope to be fortunate enough to come back here to train him. Dinner tonight was a unique treat. Oxtail. I never had it but it was very tasty and after watching the sunset over the island you can’t help but to smile and think everything is good mon!!! Tomorrow is a few short winks away.

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