A Chat with Ironman Champion Mathias Hecht

mathias hecht

IM Champ Mathias Hecht

The Swiss are producing some massively talented triathletes these days and the likes of Reto Hug and Nicola Spirig are consistently placing well on the short course circuit. Swiss missile Mathias Hecht has been cleaning up on the long course circuit in 2011. Mathias won Ironman St. George and placed third at Ironman Switzerland and Ironman New Zealand. The always affable speed demon sat down with Lee Zohlman to share some insight into life as a pro.

Mathias thanks for taking time out to talk to us. So tell us:

What does it mean to you to win your first IM?
It was a very special moment for sure. I finished 7 Ironman races on the podium before, but all of them were 2nd and 3rd places. To finally do it was an amazing feeling. But most important, this win was for my dad who past away in october last year. He was a big fan and supporter of me. He would be super proud of me. So this win was not for me. This one was for him.

What’s your favorite training session?
I dont have a specific session I love the most. It depends on the day. But I defenetely love to ride up big alpine mountain passes hard …. Makes me feel like the guys in the Tour de France. You get so strong from riding uphill for 15-20km.

What does your perfect day look like?
Spending as much time as possible with my girlfriend Nicole.
After a hard period of training it would be sleep in , have lots of good coffee during the day. Sitting on the balcony and watch the mountains (when I am switzerland or boulder) or watch the ocean (when I am in Noosa) , listen to good music and read a book. I am a very busy person, so dont get to do that very often.

If you weren’t a triathlete what would you be doing?
I probably would have finished law school by now (I stopped after 2.5 years cause of triathlon). But if I could wish, I think I would be a pro surfer.

Chamois cream or no chamois cream?
Chamois cream for any ride longer then 3hours. In australia maybe already for 2hours as roads are so bad. In switzerland we have smoother roads. So much easier to sit on your saddle long time .

Sydney, Australia

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this has to be Ironman St.George now … I mean when you win a race, you get that special relationship to the place and the people there. But seriously, St.George is a great course as it suits me perfectly. It is a tough course with lots of hills and very very scenic.

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