A vote for the Senator

OK so I’ve raced bikes, tri’s and done pretty tough rides around this great country of mine and little does surprise me but this was. Senator John Kerry, 62, of Massachussetts gets my vote. The dude can ride. I train some guys in that age group who ride 200-300 miles per week and the Senator said he is lucky to ride 2x a week. He took right off from the go, hammered up or 5-6% bridge we got here and had some good pulls. He was really into the PowerTap we set up for him and into the watts. After an hour with him and some other spulling I went to the front and started a 6:00 interval @ 260-280 watts. He was right there. he then proceeded to hammer out of the saddle up the bridge and on the way back down, rode no hands while drinking. A stud! I told him, “If the politics career doesn’t pan out for you then yo ucan always race bikes.” A nice guy, good rider and to hell with politics! Next stop Kona- T minus 6 days!

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