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“I have the privilege of being trained by Lee Zohlman, when I started with him I was worried of not having what it takes to become a great athlete and after two years of following his system and all his advice my life has changed dramatically in a very positive way and has made me not only a better athlete but a better person in general.” – Andres O.


“Lee’s training plans always provide me with a well rounded schedule that fit into my busy life but still prepare me for whatever my triathlon season has in store for me.  I have experienced significant gains in several distances while using his coaching services.”- Jason T.



BodyZen is passionately committed to helping people achieve their performance goals and in doing so improve their health and fitness while remaining injury free. BodyZen is focused on delivering the safest, current and most knowledgeable multi-sport training, testing and coaching programs available for individuals and groups. BodyZen is also committed to providing first class management services for World Class Professional triathletes while creating and executing successful media and marketing campaigns within the multi sport genre.

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