Are you limitless?



IMG-20130224-WA0004“To truly reach your ultimate goals in sport you need information. I won’t set limits on giving that information. There are no limits.”- BodyZen Coach Lee Zohlman

In this world of fast food coaching services and what seems to be every alpha type/big dog/elite this and that athlete writing “training” programs there comes a time where truly custom crafted coaching makes its mark. BodyZen’s founder and Elite Triathlon Coach Lee Zohlman is offering truly limitless coaching for you! The training plans as always will be tailor made and take into account your lifestyle, work, travel and race schedule. There will be no limits on phone calls, emails, texts or consultations to ensure you have the best possible information on training intensity, fueling, equipment and recovery practices. The more informed and educated you are the better you’ll perform so Coach Lee will make sure you have as much understanding of the WHY behind your training as you want. Each day’s training sessions will be built on what you have been able to achieve and for your current state of fitness. Coach Lee only sets one limit- the number of athletes he works with to ensure you receive the attention you require. Three slots are open. The coaching and your results are limitless! Sign up now: Limitless

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