Back but weary

OK, kona to Honolulu to LA to Atlanta to Miami- don’t try this at home. got in @ 10:30PM after 25 hours of travel and sore throats and crying babies. i never want to see an overhead bin or tray table again. did you know you have to bring your seats to an upright position beofre take off and landing. i have a sore thorat and couldn’t even get in bad with the wife and baby due to the cold after not seeing them for 10 days. LOVELY!
all is well though and the world is still spinning. Petr is back home healing wounds from a 30mph crash on race day. guy still ran a 3:10 with serious road rash. jeeeez. the dynamic duo are in Oz getting ready for Long COurse World Champs, Bjorn is in Nevada getting ready for the Silverman challenge. and me, c’mon i never stop training. got a half mary coming up in december.
well off to do a bike fit and then voice over work for the Coca Cola TV show then to bed! i’m bushed!!!!

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