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Your Own Personal Endurance Sports Consultant

Are you hungry to learn all you can about triathlon, cycling, running or swimming? Do you want help setting up your own training and race schedule? Do you need some guidance about training/racing with power, how to pace yourself in a race or what to eat and what supplements to take? Now is the perfect time to get your own personal endurance sports consultant and get all the answers to your questions, an in-depth analysis of your training and solutions for any problem areas you have. For the first time ever, BodyZen’s Founder Coach Lee Zohlman is available for hire as your own personal endurance sports consultant. Coach Lee is a twenty-year veteran of endurance sports, a USA Triathlon Elite Level 3 Coach and a USA Cycling Certified Coach who has coached thousands of athletes from beginners to Olympians and Ironman Champions. Coach Lee has also competed in every distance triathlon including numerous Ironmans, road and mountain bike cycling races, adventure races, marathons and open water swim races. Every consultation session is handled personally by Coach Lee himself and draws on his decades of experience, the latest research and his proven methods.

No matter if you bought a training plan online, use a coach or are on a team, your personal consultant, Coach Lee, can help advise you on every facet of your training and racing. Hiring an endurance sports consultant is not a replacement for a coach or a training program rather your consulting program will help complement your existing training to improve your knowledge and results.

Some popular topics:

  • Training and racing nutrition and hydration- what carbohydrates are best
  • Timing of nutrition- when to eat and drink
  • Which supplements really work and are proven to enhance performance
  • Training and racing with a power meter
  • Lactate threshold training, testing and what to do with the results
  • Mechanics of a perfect swim stroke


How does it work? It’s simple!

  1. E-mail Coach Lee to set up your complimentary personal Q&A session to identify what areas will be covered and how long your consultation program will take.
  2. Coach Lee will provide a written outline within 5-7 days of what topics will be covered and how long the program will be.
  3. You and Coach Lee will schedule your consultation meetings either on the phone, in person or via video conference
  4. After the consultation program is complete you will receive one complimentary follow up phone conference to assess your success.

Price: $95.00 per hour. Discounts are offered for bulk sessions and team/club orders.

Finally get all of your questions answered and truly reach your fullest potential!

Email or call 786.586.6059 now to get started and get your own personal endurance sports consultant!

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