BodyZen Top Five Ocean Swim Race Tips

BodyZen Top Five Ocean Swim Race Tips

By USA Triathlon Elite Level 3 Coach Lee Zohlman

In this series of Top Five lists (who doesn’t love a top five list) we start with the heart pounding, frantic chaotic environment that is ocean swimming. I am talking specifically about racing in the ocean where there are typically many mind cluttering and physically taxing components to deal with like current, waves, seaweed and a few hundred of closest friends climbing all over you as if you were the playground jungle gym.

So here it goes. The top five ways to survive and thrive in ocean swimming:

  1. Look at the ocean before getting in and see where the current is going to know it will affect your pace. Going against the current, well, let’s say just pace yourself.
  2. Count the buoys you have to pass. This way you will know that a buoy number five you head home to the beach.
  3. If there are big waves then swing your arms over the waves like a rainbow so you don’t crash your hand into the waves but clear the waves by going over them.
  4. If you get nervous by all the other people then start out on the side or back of everyone and take your time going into the water. Once in the water find your own swim space away from others. Wait, is that two tips there?
  5. Practice at least once a week to get confident and happy with ocean swimming.

Remember, triathlons are supposed to be fun so find a fun aspect to ocean swimming and practice frequently. See, I got through a whole article on ocean swimming and didn’t mention sharks anywhere.

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