But have you really tried it yet? Dissecting the Giordana FR-C Cycling Jersey

It hangs securely on the wall in my office. It has a polished black gloss frame and a clear glass pane which is cleaned to a sparkling sheen each week. It’s not authentic but the writing on it is and the man who signed it is a world renowned sporting icon. I had bought the replica Greg Lemond World Championship jersey in 1997 and only wore it once. I only wore it once because shortly after I bought it I went to a speaking engagement with Greg. Afterwards I was chatting with him and he signed the jersey. It reads, “To Lee, I won the Tour de France and you didn’t.  –Greg Lemond.” The message was my idea and still makes me chuckle to this day.

The jersey is old school. It uses one material throughout the whole make up. It has a cheap zipper and even though a size medium it could easily fit eight clowns from the circus and would act perfectly as a parachute to stop an NHRA drag racer. It’s a simple shirt with a few pockets and cut like a square. My how times have changed. I’ve been using the latest 2016 Giordana FR-C jersey for three months now and Giordana has managed to make the Black Card of cycling jerseys. I’ve tried the uber expensive team wear from the boys in London and Canada and even gone through the painful yet eye opening process of creating my own jerseys in China. Also, I wear cycling jerseys four to five times per week so being comfortable and having utilitarian components to it is important to me.

The fit on the FR-C line is racey racey as my ten year old daughter would say. It’s snug but not constricting and just a tad looser than a true time trial kit. It won’t flap in the wind and after seeing others wear it I hazard to say it can make the amateur look professional? The sleeves, oh the sleeves. If you know me I am a bit picky about sleeves. My incredible wife’s fashion sense has indeed rubbed off on me. The FR-C sleeves are on the longer side with a beautiful, wide, elastic type cuff to them. These elements reduce the vibration of the road on the arm muscles and unlike short, raglan type sleeves they don’t cut into your biceps or ride up into your armpits. Once you try these sleeves there’s no going back!


The FR-C short sleeve jersey is not for cold weather riding unless you have on a base layer and arm warmers but I found in temperatures above 65 degrees F it is perfect. The main panels are extremely light and breathe perfectly. The pockets in the back are outlined by two reflective stripes which are there to reflect headlights from automobiles. I’m really happy Giordana added these to the jersey. I know so many cyclists who ride in the dark, dusk and dawn and this is such a smart idea. Another great feature is the addition of a zippered pocket on the right rear pocket. This makes it very handy to stow items which you don’t want to accidentally slip out. But the zippers are a whole other story. Some say NASA had developed them for use on the BodyZen Titan 9 rocket. That’s a joke but the zipper technology is not. You can tell they are sturdy and zip as if they have their own ceramic bearings. Why do I make a big deal about zippers? Because so many companies use cheap zippers which break off after a year or two. I have three jerseys from three separate companies which are broken. And I love the jerseys. The zipper is cut into a V notch by the bottom of neck which I also found very comfortable and as a man not having a zipper in my Adam’s Apple was a relief.


FR-C jerseys are beeboo safe! When my daughter was even younger she called belly buttons, beeboos. You see, Giordana added a neat little flap of material at the bottom of the zipper near the belly button so the zipper won’t irritate the skin. Brilliant!


You say you need another cool feature? The jersey uses a silicone gripper on the inside of the lower back panel to keep the jersey in place. Some companies overuse silicone or make the bead too wide but Giordana uses just enough to ensure the jersey will have minimal movement. It’s a smart application and I always hate when jerseys slip upward.

Is the Giordana FR-C jersey frame able? Maybe? But it feels so much better when riding than any others. Sorry Greg.




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