Blood Lactate Testing

Lactate measurement is used by sport scientists, coaches and athletes to accurately determine Heart Rate training zones, recovery and much more. Lactate is a metabolic product that can be measured by taking a drop of blood at a finger tip the same way diabetics monitor their blood sugar level. The blood lactate level increases with exercise intensity and shows clearly the transition from aerobic to anaerobic activity. Since the measurement is completely individual it gives a precise method for testing and monitoring training intensity and recovery.

Lactate measurement is far more precise than the outdated and inaccurate method of using percentages of maximum heart rate to set training zones. Because heart rate is an individual response, heart rate training zones need to be determined by measurement of physiological variables not set by mathematical formulas. Furthermore, the relationship between exercise intensity and heart rate is different for different exercises, so running heart rates will not be the same as heart rates for cycling for the same intensity. Training programs should not be based on general heart rate guidelines rather they should be based on individual responses. This can be achieved through lactate testing. How much guesswork are you willing to involve in your training and how much time have you got to waste? Do you want to make sure that what you do works optimally for you? Do you want to make the most of the time that you have available? Now you can optimize and take the guesswork out of your training by getting an LT test.

Private Swim Analysis

BodyZen coaches have helped hundreds of athletes improve their swim stroke and set PR’s in the pool or open water.BodyZen coaches have spent hundreds of hours analyzing all types of swimmers and pinpointing their weaknesses and then prescribing corrective drills to help overcome those weaknesses. We use underwater and above the water video analysis to gain a thorough understanding of your swim stroke. We use the data captured from the video device to determine precisely the types of drills and training progressions to prescribe to help you get more efficient and faster in the water.

For an extra charge you can get a take home DVD of your swim to review at any time on your own and to track your progress. So set up an appointment now to make your swim your weapon.

SpinScan Analysis


An effective application of the CompuTrainer SpinScan to position analysis is to examine if there are any weak spots of torque in one’s pedal stroke, or whether a significant imbalance appears in the power split between a cyclist’s legs (>10%). In a less than optimal position or if one’s pedaling style needs work, a cyclist will tend to compensate for areas of very low torque (typically up over the top) in a pedal stroke with excessively high torque (downward force) to produce a given power output. If we observe the graphical torque analysis, SpinScan gives us visual feedback as to what improving weaker areas of the pedal stroke feels like. Perhaps a more direct use of SpinScan to position analysis would be to optimize one’s aerodynamic position (either road or TT bike) without losing efficiency at various power outputs. For example, when seeking to minimize aerodynamic drag, lower is not necessarily better if you lose significant efficiency and/or cannot sustain the same potential power.

Advanced Performance Bike Fitting


Get your bike professionally fitted with Advanced Performance Bike Fitting Service. BodyZen has fitted and tested some of the worlds best endurance athletes and we are prepared to assist you in your quest for greatness by improving your existing bike fit or working with you and your new ride to achieve the bike fit that is best for you. We will start from the foot up and analyze your foot placement in the shoe so that we can ensure you get the best leverage possible when pushing on the pedals. Our thorough bike fits use lasers, goniometers, video and still cameras to ensure you get the most aerodynamic and powerful position possible. So call up now to get your Advanced Performance Bike Fit!   Whether it is a computer analyzed bike fit, a lactate threshold test or a video swim analysis, we have the tools you need to get you more watts, faster run splits and a smoother and more powerful swim stroke.   Some of our athletes include:

  • Lisbeth Kristensen: Two Time Ironman Champion
  • Andrew Johns: 1st Place Disney Half Ironman
  • Laura Bennett: US Number 1 ranked ITU Athlete
  • Arturo Garza: #1 Mexican ITU athlete

So make your appointment now! Call 305-663-6148 or email leezee@bodyzen.com

Basic Fit/SpinScan

This is a great value service as you get all the benefits of the Basic Fit plus the analysis of the SpinScan. You’ll identify any weaknesses in your pedal stroke and understand how you are applying power through the entire pedal stroke. You will also receive correction drills to help you pedal smoother and more efficiently.

Pro Accurate Bike Fit- Now with Fit Laser Leveling ™

Over the year’s bike fitting was an art performed by expert coaches with years of experience. Then came mechanical kits that allowed bike shops to measure riders. These are all good ways to fit cyclists on their bikes. Now, BodyZen coaches in conjunction with CompuTrainer provide the most accurate way of bike fitting anywhere in the country. Using a combination of expertise from working with triathletes/cyclists and the top of the line CompuTrainer Pro 3D model we now show you in full color display what is the most optimum position for you. We also use video analysis to analyze the position and so you can see your own fitting in process. One of the most accurate ways to align the bodies angles is with our unique Fit Laser Leveling ™ service. We use lasers to accurately line up the alignments so you are pedaling efficiently and powerfully. The numbers don’t lie. We will test your current position and receive a watt output display, than we will adjust your position and run the test again. If you generate more watts, then we’ve struck gold by using physiological responses to adjust where the bike needs to be. We will monitor watt output, pedal stroke, cadence and heart rate to insure the best possible fit. We will test and retest until we get the best possible position for your event. All events are different and require different bike fits and as such you may need more then one adjustment per season.For more information please go to:


Basic Bike Fit- Also with Fit Laser Leveling ™


Are you uncomfortable in your current position? Are you a triathlete or cyclist looking to obtain the maximum power from your current bike? If you answered yes to these questions or want to get fit for a new bike
With years of experience with both road cyclists and multi sport athletes, we not only fit you but we also take into consideration the three most important aspects of a proper fit: comfort, power and aerodynamics. With expertise learned at the US Olympic training Center you will get the best bike fit for safe and successful cycling. Call BodyZen now to get fit and get fast.

Run Gait Analysis-


Your step is unique to you but is it the best it could be? Do you know what type of runner you are? With a BodyZen Coach and slow motion video analysis we can assess any strengths and weakness’ in your gait and prescribe corrective drills to get you running more efficiently, faster and with less chance of injury. You also get a take home print out of your analysis and for a small charge, a take home DVD! The analysis takes approximately one hour!

Race Consultation –


This is one session that is used more and more by our top performing athletes. In this day and age of peaking for key races, you will want to make sure all the details are ironed out. In a two-hour session you and your BodyZen coach will cover every aspect of your race to ensure that every detail has been thought and planned out and you are ready to execute the race of your life.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Preparation on race morning
  • Successful pacing for each leg of the race
  • Ideal nutritional intake
  • Perfect supplementation
  • Positive and applicable mental skills

The Race Consultation is a KEY session, which will help you have your best race ever. Use the proven methods of BodyZen and have a great day out there.

Private Multi-sport Weekend with our Alta Primo Package –


If you’re a multi sport athlete looking for the best in coaching as well as a three-day training vacation, then this is the package for you!

Day One: You’ll arrive in Miami in the morning and be picked up by a BodyZen Staff member. After getting to your hotel and checking in, you will have a short Q&A with your coach and then begin your training. In your first session at the pool you will be videotaped and tested for stroke mechanics and stroke count. Your coach and you will analyze the videotape and then you will be prescribed drills to correct any inefficiency in your stroke. After the swim you will have a scrumptious dinner in the sizzling city of South Beach.

Day Two: Ready to begin training at 7:00 AM, you and your bike will be brought to Coach Lee’s office for a bike fit and pedal stroke analysis. After the analysis is complete you will ride a specific course tailored for your goals, and your watt output will be logged for further testing. After a quick lunch you will head to the track for a session on running bio mechanics and gait analysis. Once again you will be videotaped and your gait analyzed to determine the best running drills for you. After a quick stretch you will go to the weight room to learn and implement proper strength training exercises to enhance your multi sport career. The evening of day two will have you eating in trendy Coconut Grove and then it’s off to sleep for the big final day!

Day Three: Your Combo Day! You will start out with a two-hour motor pacing session on beautiful Key Biscayne, Fl. You will pace behind the BodyZen scooter at your anaerobic threshold for 30-45:00 at a time. After your bike session you will quickly combo to your running gear for a four-mile run up and down an expansion bridge. After a thorough session on transitions, mental skills training, nutrition and stretching you will cool off with a one-mile ocean swim in world-renowned Biscayne Bay. Your multi sport trip will conclude with a one hour rejuvenating massage by a Staff member of The Stretching Company. A BodyZen Staff member will take you to the airport for your flight home.

Alta Primo Package Includes:

  • Transfers to and from airport and hotel
  • Your own videotape keepsake of your training sessions
  • Private one-on-one coaching for the three days
  • Clif Bar and Clif Shot Products
  • A BodyZen Training DVD
  • Two dinners at local restaurants
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