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2008 brings another round of training camps for us and after over 10 years of camps and clinics they never get old or boring. New athletes, new roads and new adventures keep us excited and getting fitter each day.
This current camp, which i am at currently, is in Clermont, Florida and we have a fun gregarious and rambunctious group with us. Clermont has hosted BZ camps many times before and unfortunately we will probably be choosing other locales in the Florida hills. Urban sprawl is the main culprit as the growth here is ridiculous to say the least. I am happy we have better restaurants and support stores to choose from but too many cars are on our old quiet roads. Not too mention any places in particular but our main training ground here has become too difficult to work with so we have some great alternate places to choose from next time. The good news is that the athletes are having a ball and in the last 24 hours have put in over 8 hours of training and tomorrow is the big day. Training groups and camps are a great way to see the effect of external motivation on an athlete. They are all here ready to fire and the smallest amount of pushing gets them to change into a bigger gear and put the hammer down. The girls are laying down the law here to and I think it is just AWESOME to watch female athletes hammer hard in the water, on two wheels and then on two feet. We intend to put the nail in the coffin tomorrow and then recover from this great dose of training.
We are looking forward to our next two big camps:
Fifth Annual Blue Ridge Mountain Camp April 16-20, Beech Mountain, NC
Villa Gaia Triathlon and Culinary Camp October 25-31, Villa Gaia Italy

Coffee today: Hampton Inn Robust Blend

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