CEP Socks

CEP Compression socks are all the rage now and it is a bit odd that a pair of socks can make one recover or perform so well but it is true. Since the day I got my first pair of CEP socks I could tell the difference. I liked them so much I became a dealer for them but it is true. Rate of perceived exertion was lower on hard runs or long runs and YES I did have less fatigue in my legs after wearing them to sleep at night. Many athletes have felt the same thing.
By increasing oxygen to working muscle groups running times can be reduced by up to 5%. That is 12 minutes in a 4 hour marathon. Increasing circulation also helps with recovery by getting more healing nutrients to muscles during recovery.
Even Big Matty Reed turned down other so called recovery socks to endorse and wear the CEP Compression socks. So, if you want a pair (they do look odd in a cool way) and want a discount then email me and I will get you into a pair of CEP socks so you too will run like Boom Boom Reed.

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