Summer Speed Sessions.

Coach Lee’s Favorite Two Summer Speed Sessions.

Yes it’s true. The majority of your swim, bike and run training should be hitting the lower aerobic energy system with a splattering of work done at- a bit below, at and just above threshold. But real gains and top end speed come from doing some really fast efforts and these are the workouts that are the most fun and make us feel alive. The Zenners I get reports back from state that they are really taxed when doing these but feel great after. They also go into their next races with new confidence at being able to close each leg with excellent speed. These two sessions are really ideal for the Sprint and Olympic Distance athlete. I remember sitting in my USAT Level 3 Coaching Class back in 2006 and breaking down the energy systems with the famous, Dr. Max Testa. One of the takeaways from that discussion was allowing a good amount of rest between sets to ensure the paces were hit and the workouts were of high quality.

Before hitting these sessions please make sure to warm up well for twenty to thirty minutes and then get a bit of specific stretching in. Have fun!


BZ Speed Swim 11

warmup- 400-1000 easy swim with choice of strokes and drills

kick set- 10 x 50, kicking hard up and easy back; :20-30 rest

preset- 8 x 25, half lap easy, half lap hard- leaving every minute

main set-repeat four-six times through- 200 pulling with paddles and pull buoy at tempo pace then when you finish each 200, drop all equipment and SPRINT a 50 as hard as you can. 1:00 rest between

cooldown 300-500 easy with some kicking and mixed stroke work


BZ Track Session 6

warmup one to two miles at very easy pace

stretch and hydrate

one mile running easy on bends and fast on straights

6-10 x 400 at your 5k race pace; 1:00 rest, stop if your times start slowing down. You will want to be consistent or 1-2 seconds faster with each

cooldown 1-2 miles

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