Coach Lee’s Top Eight Weight Loss Tips



Just say NO! Well that is the biggest part of losing weight. Say NO to the extra non essential calories. You want to go faster on the run? You want to climb better on the bike? Then you better lose weight. It’s the easiest way to improve your performance massively without any more training. Besides saying NO here are my top weight loss tips:

  1. Smaller portions- eat 20-30% less than what you normally would
  2. When you go out to eat and the meal is served immediately ask for a to-go container and put 20-30% of the meal in the container to take home
  3. Say no to alcohol. Empty useless calories
  4. Snack foods: Fruits and dried (not fried) veggies
  5. No whole milk (extra fat and calories)
  6. No dressing, butter or sauces on foods. Lemon juice or plain balsamic vinegar on salads
  7. Small dinner consisting of 4-6 ounces of lean protein and salads for dinner
  8. Surround your training (right before and right after) with carbohydrates

Look for more in depth tips on weight loss coming up next month.

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