Day 4

today started normal enough with a 2.5K swim in the pool in leysin. it was good to have motivation by the Elites in the pool. it was a who’s who of IM/70.3 champs with the last names, Granger, Bayliss, Biscay, Johns and Kristensen. really good sets that i will programme for some of my athletes when i get back. after some breakfast and work i met up with AJ’s friend Yvan, a legend of a guy and the original plan was for me to ride to Geneva and meet Lisebth, Aj and Lisbeths mom and baby at the airport. they are going to race in belgium and i was going to take the car to france to hit some cool rides. the geneva ride would have taken me 4 hours and part of me did not want to do it. part did. but enter Yvan and his 17 year old Passat, which he gave me FOR THE WEEKEND. fricking awesome Yvan. you rock!! so i got wheels, a few bucks, a bike and running shoes. yes this all sounds fun but i do miss my girls. wish they were here. anyway back to the story. i have a map of a 4 hour drive to bourg doisans, at the foot of the legendary alpe dhuez (ADH). ADH is a 15 K mother of a climb known world round as one of the toughest to conquer on a bike. lance holds the record of 37:00 up so my task was to tackle it in less then an hour. ok so i get a highway i have never been on where everyone speaks a language i don’t and to a place i have never been. the first part of the drive goes OK and i stop in chamonix just cause i heard so much about it and wanted to get some cool french water bottles. no luck, all they do there is rock climb. i get rained on and spend 30 bucks on a plate of pasta with red sauce. too much time in chamonix. back on the road. SO AFTER A FEW WRONG TURNS!! i get back going and it is taking forever. it is now night time, raininig and i looked up the “sightseeing” route and found myself on the col du glandon, a huge mountain road. twisty, turning, rodents running out, foggy and frightening. no cell service and it is now 10pm and i am not even sure i will find a hotel in bourg when i get there. i can always sleep in the car and i have a snickers, beef jerkey and a lot of clif shots. the road goes on forever and i must admit i am getting nervous. finally i find a little sign to where i am going. now i would want to climb glandon on the bike not in the car. it was crazy. it is now 11pm and i find my to bourg and look for a hotel. i only have about 70 euros on me and a AMEX card. quick tip: no one takes AMEX in france!!!! i found a hotel just to crash and they inlcude breakfast so it is lights out.

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