there are a lot of finally’s to wirte baout.
finally i broke 19:00 in a 5k in the Bahamas 2 weeks ago. i we nt 18:49 and it hurt bad but only for the last 2 minutes. my pacer travis did awesome and he’s a great guy. it has helped my run out and i feel really good on the run!!

finally… i got my new caliente pimped out the way i want with the following:
ergomo power meter
ergomo carbon cranks
hed straight aero bars
q rings
zero gravity brakes
pro lite triple threat wheels
it is super sweet and fast.

finally i broke 5:00 in the 1/4 mile swim in trilogy. i exited the water in 4:34 with my athelte jeremy hot on my heels. man has he come a long way

finally….erinne is training consistently again and it is going to show later in the year. i’m happy she is happy.

baby blu is doing well and growing up fast. it is correct when people say they are like weeds.

well more in a few days. i won’t go too long.
coffe today: Starbucks Verona Blend- you can’t go wrong!

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