Fishing with Turks and Caicos Sporting Club

Today I was fortunate to be treated to something new. I grew up fishing in the ocean off Miami but today I was going to be bonefishing in the flats around Ambergris Cay and learning how to use a fly reel. I headed out with Tucker who is like me in that he has more energy then the boat engine, talks fast, walks fast and loves the outdoors. In no time at all we were out for what even Tucker said was an absolutely perfect day. And he does this every day. The water was clear, the wind was low which is a change and in twenty minutes we were at Tuckers fave fishing spot. We immediatley noticed tons of big nurse sharks and a few lemon sharks surrounding the shallow grassy area. In no time at all Speedy Tucker handed me a spinner rod and we cast towards the lemon shark. All of this for a really good fight Tucker promised. Well the lemon didn’t let us down and I had a very good ten minute fight with this sucker but we landed him and released him. Within the first thrity minutes the day was made but there was so much more. Tucker began noticing the patterns of the sharks and the barracudas and he knew we were close. Then the flashes began to appear and Tucker starts telling me there are over 1000 bonefish in front of us. The rookie in me couldn’t see squat but then the flashes and shadows started moving faster than Tucker and BOOM we had two bonefish or our rods and Tucker and I are fighting at the same time. We had some great times fighting the fish and mine ended up being gobbled up by a huge Cuda and now I was fighting the Cuda as well. After ten minutes with the Cuda he snapped free and we were off to to fight more bonefish. We caught another three or four and had to head off. Before we did though I had a good time jumping in and chasing some nurse sharks, see video. The beady green eyes of these tame sharks remind me of my crazy Weinmaraner back home. After a gorgeous twenty minute run back to TC Sporting Club I was done with my first day ever of bonefishing. Thanks Tucker, you rock.

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