france day one and the alpe

Ok so i slept in till 7:30. i was looking forward to the breakfast included in the hotel stay. a few things about european food:
-very hard to get a lot of food at once unless you make everything
-very hard/impossible to eat wheat free
-i need big food but it aint happening
so i was excited to get in some muesli. i poured in the milk but it had some lumps. it must have been that real stuff. i never drink any kind of milk so i ate my muesli with a tablespoon of the curd. not too bad actually. then a croissant and ham. i will say it is tough to get large cups of coffee here. in swissland and france they serve those tiny, espresso cutie quaint to be sipped with your pinky out things. as yo uknow i like to hold a vente cup of kick my butt joe with two fists and then order another BUT alas the owner of the hotel brought me a small pitcher of real coffee. I WAS FRICKING EXCITED!!!!! so i downed all that and went to walk around bourg a bit so i could feel like a hapless sole again without my girls here and not speaking the language. what movie was ti when the guy said to the frenchman, ‘if it wasn’t for us you’d all be speaking german.’ heheheheheh ok so i pass a cafe with three treks leaned up on a pole and hear the 3 guys in cycling kits at the table speaking english, well british english anyway. being the introverted guy that i am i started talking ot them and they were staying at the top of ADH and just rode down and were going to ride up. they told me they would wait for me if i wanted to go change and get my ride. we spoke some more and they talked about weighing 6 stone or some crazy stuff like that. they all had hairy legs and until this past season that was a sure sign of not so serious multi sport athletes to me. i say not till this season as i have a few pupils still with hair who are doing well and on fire.
so i go and get changed and meet them back. they take one look at me and one guys says, “what the fuck is an SRM”. i swear. i politely explained of course and then the trash talking began. they each had a goal of making it up ADH. one wanted 1:15, one in 1:30 and one just wanted to survive. i thought an hour or so is Ok but if it takes 1:10 so be it. 15K up at 8-10%. off we go for a warmup then a pee break and then we start. the first 2 K are the toughest. the roads are perfect and clean except for all the paint on them from the fans of the tour. the tour de france went up here last week. cool. it was cool but not cold and dewey as we climbed thru the clouds. cyclists everywhere of all ages shapes and sizes and on all different bikes. , motorcyclists roaring by. i saw a man and his young son screaming down and heard the dad call back to his son, ‘if yo ufall over then you crash’. NICE DAD. i went by the numbers! i figure i can hold 270-280 watts for an hour so i would start mellow around 250-260 and then build it up. each of the 21 switchbacks are numbered so i thought i would go full gas at number 4. off i went and it is hard no doubt. just long climbing and my HR was around 151-156 until the number 4 switchback and then i did the best i could. i suffered in the last 1K as the air is a bit thinner. 56:01. avg. wattage-275 perfect. not passed by anyone!! very happy. the brtish guys came in staggered behind me and each accomplishing there goal. nice job. one guy even did this earlier this year and the next day ran the london marathon. SWEET!
we chatted for a bit and then i used my horrid descending skills to go down. i think it took me the same time as going up. i finished it off with another 30:00 of steady riding and then an interval run thru some quaint villages and trails. nice!!!
i then went and ate a whole pizza, hot choclate and toured around. great day and bourg is a cool little village. tomorrow- col du laterate and col du galibier!!

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