Fresh as a daisy…

i thought that would capture your vivid imaginations. what were you all thinking was going to be the next line? let me below. hey that reminds. i’m a pet and didnt even know it. i could write this whole blog as a rhyme but who the heck has the time. ok i’ll stop it right now as take my final bow. doh!!!!

seriously, i guess i am in a fun mood. all is well here in Z/BodyZen world so if you don’t want to be happy, healthy, successful or elated then quit reading now!!

we have started some new training groups and have some great new athletes in the pipeline which is very rewarding. last year at this time i was doing so much travelling but now it is pretty stable and we are in miami for a while. we are looking forward to our Florida, Arizona and North Carolina camps though. we have restructured our age group coaching biz a bit to include more group workouts and the athletes really seem to dig it and they are so much fun. it is great to see the atheltes push themselves more and even the coaches jump in there every now and then.

the baby is growing up so much and is such a riot. 20 months old, can yo ubelive it. jeez time flies. i will have some articles coming up in the future so please chck back soon!

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