fun weekend

well mondya is here and this is no ordinary monday. it is the week of Interbike. yes the largest bike hsow in the world is this week in vegas and i am headed over for the 4th time to get a look at what is hot and why it is better then last year. in the past i’ve met lance, tyler, axel merckx, levi leipheimer and fast freddy there so this year is all about appointments and work. but i will blog daily and have pictures for all of you for what is the new bling in the bike/tri world.
my buddy AJ DNFed in the Beijing ITU world cup race after having a cold. he flies and races around the world more then i travel around florida so it’s no wonder the immune system was down. the ESM race on South BEach was fun and the TV show shold be up in the next few weeks for those of you who have comcast. boris won and he is blazing now but my good buddy eddie b. came from 6th to go to 3rd overall. way to go stud!

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