Giordana FR-C Jersey-200 Mile Review


I’m picky about my cycling jerseys. I admit it and don’t hold back. Let’s face it, we spend a lot of time in our jerseys. On any given week I’ll spend 15-20 hours sweating, moving, grooving and spilling coffee on my jersey. Over the last twenty years I’ve bought, been given, tested and created my own jerseys from companies in the US, UK, Asia and South America so when I say I’m picky, believe it. Jerseys should be form fitting, non irritating, practical and useful. If your jersey is hanging down and touching your bum please discard, now! After all the jerseys I’ve worn the Giordana FR-C takes the cake. I’ve been testing a wide range of items from Giordana and with decades in the business it’s no wonder they get it damn perfect nearly every time.

The first thing I notice on jerseys are the sleeves. I love to see a nice, smooth, non ruffled sleeve with as minimal a band as possible. The Giordana FR-C jersey sleeve is a tad longer than in the past and this allows it to lay flat and give a nice form fitting appearance. Speaking of feeling the back panels of the jersey are of some type of NASA mesh material which breathes incredibly well and makes the jersey light as a feather. These panels do a great job of expanding and contracting with your back so you don’t feel constricted when riding on the rivet. Seriously, this jersey is so comfortable! Did I say that yet?


I ride a lot in the early morning and also after work so any type of reflectiveness comes in handy. I especially like when the reflective accents are just that, accents. Giordana has incorporated some reflective piping onto the back pockets which came out brilliant. Right behind the piping is a very handy zippered pocket which is in addition to the other three pockets (I’ll get to those in a bit).


The other three rear pockets are truly smart. At the top they have some elastic type cinching so nothing will pop out when riding. They are so handy and I felt so secure with my phone, food and spare kit nicely stowed away. Giordana also made the pockets lay flat which added in a smooth aero look.

20151128_190930 20151128_190939

The last two parts leads me to believe true cyclists designed the FR-C line. The first is a piece of fabric behind the zipper so there is no irritation on the belly. I love this and it’s these small touches which differentiate a good company from a great company. The second is the silicone grip which prevents the jersey from riding up. BUT, many companies make the silicone band too wide. Giordana got it just right and made it just wide enough so the rest of the jersey fits the body properly without bunching up.

20151128_191001 20151128_190858

The design of the jersey I have is simple, trendy and fun. High vis colors are all the rage now in cycling and Giordana has balanced out some high vis green with black and red accents. If you want a jersey which feels like a second skin, breaths very well and is light as air then go for the Giordana FR-C. Just don’t get the same color I did.

Our partner Mack Cycle and Fitness has the FR-C jersey available here.

Look for a full review of the FR-C bib shorts soon!

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