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Tis better to give then to receive. A very old and religious phrase that is used commonly around the world. At the end of 2011 I promised that 2012 would be the year of giving from me and my companies. Not that I am extraordinarily wealthy or successful but I wanted to find some different ways to give what I could whether it be monetarily, sweat or skill. I am frequently asked (as we all are)  for donations, sponsorships or my time to donate but I wanted to choose three to four quality organizations that I truly believed in and go big! 

Health, sports, kids and fitness were at the top of my list. I often look at my soon to be six year old daughter and think how lucky I am and she is. She is so fortunate to be healthy, happy and have so much in her life and there are so many children that don’t. Time to help make a change in those kids lives. I also sought out something sport and health focused. Endurance sports is my passion and there are so many great charities or teams to connect with but I wanted to go bigger than donating a few dollars or some training programs like I have in the past. The hunt was on!


First, I am very happy to be serving on the Board of Directors for the Runwell Foundation. Go ahead and take a look: Their Mission says it all: Runwell is a non-profit foundation dedicated to inspiring individuals around the world to lead healthy, active lifestyles. It encourages anyone involved with drug or alcohol addictions, from chemical dependents to their friends and families, to get involved in sports. Runwell believes partnering sports with addiction treatment helps to keep individuals – and their support bases – committed to recovery. The foundation focuses on funding existing scholarship programs and support-based training facilities that involve the entire family, as Runwell strongly believes addiction is seldom won alone. I am really excited to explore some new avenues with the rest of the Runwell team so we can raise more money for facilites and help others fight their addictions through endurance sports.


Another sign came through my channels fast. The Rose Bandit Cycling Team,, did something great.  BodyZen had to get on board as a sponsor and we reached into the vault to make sure this team survives and thrives. This Miami, Fl. based team of mostly female cyclists headed out one day on their bikes and matching pink uniforms to bring fresh roses to the nurses of the Sylvester Cancer Center. I thought what a unique and positive way to bring some bright light to a difficult place. Read more here: The bandits also seem to be doing quite well on the racing cicuit and are heavily involved in community outreach programs in Miami. BodyZen is happy to suppoprt them with not only dollars but services as well. BodyZen provides Lactate Threshold Testing for the cyclists and free clinics on training and racing. Look out for this great team on the roads and give them a thumbs up.

Kids come in all ages including college aged. Only now am I seeing how young these college kids are these days but some still love cycling. A great guy named Jason Diaz reached out to me about the new FIU Cycling Program. This was another great fit. Jason is energeting, organized and due to him and the other team members FIU now has a legit cycling team. We ponyed up some money to help them out and will also be giving some lectures to team about improving their fitness through cycling. It’s an honor to see the team out and around Miami training and tearing it up. Go Panthers!

We are also proudly providing FREE training programs for the Livelong presented by Livestrong event at Gulfstream Park, October 13th and 14th. This event is a fundraiser for Livestrong and also the Joe Dimaggio Children’s Hospital. You can simply complete the family 5K walk or go all the way and do the half marathon or 62 mile bike ride. There really is something for everyone. So get out there and get involved. Read more here and please join the team: www.

Lululemon Athletica is a company that knows to give back big to each community that they’re in and when they opened their cool local store here and I saw the awesome energy and enthusiasm that the staff had, I had to find a way to join them. They were very open to discussing ways of working together so we decided to offer FREE sports stretch classes and clinics on endurance athlete nutrition and core strength training. The feedback from the attendee’s and staff was overwhelming and someone took home a gem with them from each class. I am happy to say that Lululemon and BodyZen are keeping the endurance athlete community healthy and strong. Thanks for all you do Lululemon South Miami,

So far the first four months of 2012 have been busy but rewarding. I and BodyZen will be keeping up the awesomeness and I hope to see you on the road or in the water.

If your organization would like some support feel free to email:

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