Goals or Resolutions- 2009 Here we come

So at our Xmas dinner tonight we thought to forego setting resolutions and decided to set goals for 2009. What are your goals for 2009? Did you set some big goals and smaller goals? The reason I ask is that I firmly believe in goal setting and use it frequently in both my personal and professional life. So this post is what I beleive about goals.
They should be realisting first of all. I have heard of people setting really lofty goals and this is unhealthy as it can lead to disappointment down the road. Are your goals realistic? How did you come about them? If your goal is to run a 5K at a 6:00 pace in 5 months and you currently run a 5K at a 6:08 pace then you are on the right track and should keep plugging away. But if you currently run at a 8:30 pace then that goal would not be realitic. Maybe it is a good 3 year goal to make?

Your goals should be kept in front of you at all times. I suggest writing them down and keeping them in your wallet or on the office wall. I once had three athletes racing their first Ironman and had them write their race goal times down on a piece of paper. I told them to keep it in their wallet and they did for the next two weeks until the race. Lo and behold they each hit their times give or take 15 minutes.

How about making goals for the next 3,5,10 years? Maybe now you race bikes and have a threshold power of 200 watts. Perhaps your 3 year goal is to make your threshold wattage 325? Knowing that on a good structured training program you can improve 1-1.2% per week on average per season. Well, you do the math?

I know what you are thinking. What are your goals like Lee? Well, I just satisfied one of them. Write more in my blog to help people.

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