once again ignore my typos in my blog as i rant away and don’t proof it-

So what has been going on in September. We got back from Swiss Land and were immediately busy with the opening AP and getting the business doen there.we now have a place to do everything from LT tests to having a chiro/physio on premise to massage. the works. so i am splitting my time around there and Blu is getting more grown up every day. she is really getting a personality. erinne and i have both been training and E took 2nd in her AG at a local but big Sprint. good to see her back and if you ever can watch her swim it is just beautiful. i did the Escape to Miami and took 16th overall. i had to make up for my DNF from last year. i had a really good race and felt good that day. busy month ahead:
-interbike with the boys. we got a whole crew going and this is my favorite show of the year
-kona- going out for a week for the race. just a week this year.
-my Bday on the 23rd- where are my presents?
all else is well and just staying real busy. i have a bunch of peeps doing IMFL so i am thinking of them a lot as they go into the final stretch. i am really proud of them!
anyway thanks for reading.
coffee today: can’t pronounce it but some shi shi arablica blend

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