I guess it was one of our best weekends ever!!!

Entering 12 seasons of coaching and by far this was the most memorable weekend for BodyZen athletes. After almost a year of hard work for many athletes and the coaches the SUCCESS showed at Ironman Florida. BodyZen had 11 athletes racing and here’s how it went down:
-Nicole Gross, 1st Ironman, 10:05, 1st in Age Group and got the Ironman Hawaii slot
-Jackie Miller, 2nd IM in 8 weeks, PR with 10:47, 8th in Age Group
-Frank Sanchez, PR 10:51
-Desiree Kavan, PR 10:57
-Angel Diaz, 1st IM, 11:42
-Jalaine Sanchex, 12:10, PR by over an hour and a half
-Lara O’ Neil, 12:27, 1st Ironman
-Eddie Leon, 12:25, 1st Ironman
-Hal Gerson, 12:43, 1st Ironman
-Maggie Saavedra, 1st ironman, 13:15
-Duane Redenze, 13:40 First Ironman
WHY? Read the post below.
In addition, BodyZen Management athlete matty Reed won the Escape to Bermuda race and Petr Vabrousek placed 3rd at the Ironman Florida.

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