I know it has been long time..

since i checked in and i won’t let it go this long again. where do i start? i spent the last 5 weeks travelling more to California for the Half IM where i had some AGer’s and a Pro racing and they did great. What a cool race that 70.3 is. then i came back and went to Vero Beach with the girls to spend some time with them and the mother in law. Granted i had been sick this whole time with the flu. i then went out to IMAZ for some AGer’s and Lisbeth racing. She had a tough race and didn’t finish as her back seized up cause her saddle was too high and she didn’t complete the run. the AGer’s did very well though. i was still really sick. Then I went to our house in the mountains in NC with Erinne, Blu and Lisbeth for a little R and R. Still sick though and I finally got some anti biotics and cleared me up. My training HAS BEEN SO INCONSISTENT so i am a little frustrated but when i got back from NC it got better and the last two weeks has been pretty good. I actually raced yesterday. not too bad after just getting back into it but my recovery rates have been sooooo slow. it will get better though. work is good and the family is getting to be more fun every day. thanks for reading.

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