i am so excited. my new SRM power meter arrived today and finally i have the best most accurate power meter on the planet.

i got a sweet dura ace equipped unit and am just sweating with anticiaption on jamming on it. SRM has long been known to be the most accurate and the gold standard in power measuring devices. almost every Pro Tour team uses them and i love training with power and also racing with it. for me (yes i am not the fastest) it was a big part of my personal success last year. 2007 was my best racing season ever so this year i hope to build on that. i will be doing some Presentation on the SRM unit this season so stay tuned and check out or our site for more info.

i also got the rotor stem which is the lightest and stiffest stem made.
i did a power test yesterday with the ergomo unit on the caliente and am 10 watts stronger then i was last year at this time so that is good. the squad is training well and everyone seems to be gelling nicely. we will have a great season.

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