Jamaican Blue Mountain

that is what i am drinking this morning as i am groggy and tired. tomorrow is the escape to miami, which i am racing and looking forward to. i have never trained so little and in frequently in ly entire tri career but i will go out and do what i can. it is really odd to think how little i swim now and how much i used to. for IM in 2005 i was swimming 10-15,000 yards a week. now i am lucky to put in 3000. oh well. the season is wrapping up and unfortunaltey many athletes are putting the traning on hold, which is a good thing so that they get a much needed break.
i read to day that a navy SEAL in Iraq jumped on a grenade to save his team. he unfortunatley died but what a hero. those uys and gals over there have to deal with such shit tp protect us. man what a tough gig. i often hope that this whole thing will end cause it is getting ridiculuous how many american lives are being lost. fatherhood changes your perspective on things doesn’t it.
more on the race later and then Kona bound on monday!!!!

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