Kona Pt. 1

it is now friday before the race and i have been here 3 days. i was hired by IM Brasil champion Lisbeth Kristensen and her boy friend Andrew Johns (AJ) to help them with support for the race. The duo are awesome people and very polite and gracious. AJ is a two time Olympic triathlete and placed 5ht at IM Austrilia this year. I am also working with 2006 IM Malaysia Winner Petr Vabrousek as I am his manager. My tasks here are:

  • Meet with exisiting and potential sponsors
  • Massage and stretch the three atheltes
  • Cook
  • Bike mechanic
  • all around gopher

PICTURES HERE: http://www1.snapfish.com/thumbnailshare/AlbumID=56294207/a=17584559_17584559/t_=17584559

I like this kind of stuff so it is fun work. I went out on AJ and Lisbeths last tough ride and DAMN they are goos especially Lisbeth. The last 30:00 of the ride was supposed to be at 300-330 watts and I blew a tire after a few minutes (there will be lots of that in the race as there are sharp stones littering the road from the earthquake). AJ told me she rode for 30:00 at 44K per hour and was just on fire. Lisbeth is a seriously good cyclist and stronger then some Pro guys so watch for her up front. I’ve also swam with them twice and that is loads of fun as they are great to draft off of. I have hung out with many Elite pre race and many of them are stressed out fanatics but these two are super calm and collected. Today is cloudy and calm winds but the Hawaiian Wind Gods typically strike viloently on race day!So look for them on race day!

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