Kona Pt. 2

So today was a nice one. I spent some time at the FrequenSea booth answering questions and giving info on this great new health product. Well let me back up. i did a nice 1 hour run early in the AM and then had some office time at thee condo. anyway after the booth tlaks i went to take pictures of the swim start and low and behold my good buddy Eddie Branigan is right there. i had no idea he was coming and he left it as a surprise to me so now i got a good buddy to hang out with. we then went to the Pro Athlete Press Conference and it was a doosy. typically the top 5 males and females from the previous year are all there answering questions from the worlds press. well after everyone knows about the BIG tiff between Normann, Macca and Faris and there has been so much written about that i was watiting to see what would happen. well, MACCA is a no show. you believe that??? what if yo uare his sponsor and he should be plugging your company and speaking about his approach to the race. but he was a no show and it was a very civil. good questions were asked and michellie, desiree and lisa were all class acts.
eddie and i hit a nice 20:00 ocean swim and then i hit the trisports.com party (thanks guys) and then a bit of a dinner and now hear i am writing to you all. tomorrow is a little bit of the same and then the race lifs off on saturday. more then!

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