ok so another IM Hawaii wrapped up yesterday and i have now had 24 hours to reflect on the race. i also had 4 hours of great training here on the island and that gave me time to collect my thoughts on what is the worlds toughest one day event.
the day began before sunrise with a full battery and 1 gig card in the Nikon strapped to my back. after some quick oats, a call to erinne and of course 2 cups of IM brew i went out. i had my media credentials with me to photo and report in our next newsletter for october. i jumped on my ghisallo and pedaled to the race start.

i went right to the swim start and started shooting friends and other athletes. i got right up to Dede Griesbauer and clicked away. she is very sweet and Dede you did great and hung tough!
i then had to stae our the sweet spot for the swim start. the bronze sun rose over the mountains and shed light on the big blue pacific with swimmers scattered around the beach like ants. i have to admit: i’ve been here four times and never really desired to race this animal but this year is different. i have the twisting urge deep in my gut and and in my head that i want the suffering that the island brings to each athlete. in due time, all in due time!
i quickly heard that Faris was a no show. c’mon man, you come here, check your bike the day before and then no show. i’m pretty sure he was sick as my concensus with him is that he is afraid of no one and my limited conversations lead me to believe he isn’t the type to wimp out.
i got some good shots of the swim start and the pro’s exiting. the navy Seals landing in the water was cool but i think they missed there mark as they were supposed to come closer in. not that i told them this!

after the swim i ran like the wind to make it to the press truck. now i have reported about the press truck in the past and this year there were not so many people, nor europeans. this is a good thing as last year they didn’t quite get the deoderant memo. UGH! this is a four deal where yo uare in a cage ont he back of a pickup truck. the truck heaves and sways side to side and speeds up and slows down to catch the Pro riders. as soon as we got out to the highway- BAM Natasha Badmann goes down right in front of us and i don’t recall seeing a moto in the way. she just hit a cone a flipped. she laid on the groud for many minutes. the medical guys got her. Second FAVE to win out. then we stormed up to get to the front guys. normann was in the rear of the line of riders holding his stomach and taking some pills from the med van. i knew right there that he was going to be out. if he didn’t blast passed them then he was non player in a sport where he has to be THE player.
chris lieto was in the front now by 2:30 and i hung out with his brother and other family as his lead grew. for the women dede had a god lead followed by MJ, Belinda Granger, Kate Major and the like. we were now standing at mile 40/80 and the sun was blazing worse then any florida day. there was little wind and no clouds so we were roasting like a pig on Christmas. the lietos were very cool and look for Matt to mix it up at IMFL. the men made there way back and Lieto was int he lead by 4:30 with Torbjorn right behind him. Macca, Deboom, Alexander were all in a pack behind (editors note: when i say pack i do not mean draft pack as they were all riding legal within the 10 meter rule).
on the way back we got shots of the women like Crissie Wellington (Team TBB), MJ (she would drop out right after we left her), Granger, Major,McGlone, Keat(very tough girl).
we made our way back to town and i went back to the media center in the host hotel for updates and then back to Alii drive to shoot more on the run. it was severly hot to say the least. listen, those high compression socks work. i got a pair and they do keep you cooler. they are also supposed to help with more circulation. the science seems sound so look for more of them in your long course races.
the run was brutul and for the racers too. there was a mix up in the players and then macca was in front and wellington as well. now i knew about wellington and what she could do as she races on Team TBB with Lisbeth and AJ. i didn’t know she could win but could do well. she just turned Pro in February. THIS IS A HUGE STORY. she beat so mnay grils here that have been fighting for the win for many many years. i thought Sam McGlone did great as well in her first race here. GO FIGURE: all the faves faded and these girls come out of nowhere to take it. I am also very proud Team TBB Rebecca Preston for her 5th place here. GO BECK!

shouts out to to all my AG tri buds. Tough Tara way to hang in there. Ramsey, Marni, CG Brian way to have a great race. you all are very tough.

the day ended around 9pm with a collapse on the bed and many thoughts to fill my head. hey that rhymes. i’m a poet and didn’t even know it.

check out the pictures on the bodyzen photos page in a week or so!
aloha till 2008!

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