things have been calming down a bit. For the most part most of my personal athletes have finished the season but are eager to plan for 2007. This is a good sign as it hsows that they are still motviated and not burnt out. I have a few in fact that our planning for 07 and 08. These are the athletes that I like to work with, the planners i call them. I have often said that coaches will attract and continue to work with athletes that they gel with. Athletes come and go but for the most part the successfu ones are the ones that gel with the coach and let the coach do their job. We are very fortunate in that we have very good athlete retention and we are even more lucky that we get to work with these great people year after year. This is due to our communication skills with the athlete, doing a good job of course in planning the workouts thus they get great results and from our (the coach) ongoing committment to learning the latest proven training methods and implementing them into the training. We have many great projects in the planning stages for 2007 so keep reading. I am also looking forward our training camps next year. What do you mean yo uhaven’t signed up yet? What are you waiting for? You won’t have as much fun or get more fit at home.
UPDATE: Kaia Blu is about to crawl and hopefully will go to the Crawling World Champs for under 1 years old. She will have to beat those Germans and also the Danish are looking good this year. We call them mini Danish! ahahaha C’mon nice clean humor. I like!!!!

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