From the time I wake up in the morning until i have a hot Espresso in my hands is roughly under 2:00 now. I must thank my good friend/lawyer/athelte Marco Ferri for hooking me up with the guys over at Lavazza Espresso. They got me a new Blue automatic Espresso maker. All i do is put a pod in and hit one button and in 30 seconds i am sipping creamy, aromatic, sweet Espresso. But, that is not good enough for me as I like to steam some soy milk and enjoy a nice Latte every afternoon. EZ and I have been on a java high for 4 days now and I had a short espresso and then a tall espresso beofre the hammer ride this morning and was jacked the whole way. Felt great. I love Central Nervous System stimulators. Only the legal one’s. This weekend is family time and work time. We’ll do some fun stuff witht he beautiful Blu one and I also am the Host of the A1A Marathon TV show again. Yeah i know big egotistical schmuck I am. well they pay me so it’s not all for the ego. shout outs: Gardy in Park City you there, Marni in Sarasota what up, Jason in NJ quit yapping and ride harder.
first race is du in 3 weeks and can’t wait to get the cobwebs out! more later! literally going to have a LAvazza shot right now!!!

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