Nautica Weekend

i knew it was going to be a hectic weekend four months ago when i booked the trip and it is ALL good but hectic none the less. i flew to NYC friday morning to give some talks for USAT and then met with some friend/business people in the afternoon and evening. thanks USAT for putting on great clinics. you all rock. i did another lecture saturday morning then got on an afternoon flight back to miami. i know the importance of training the day before a race and had a pretty decent swim and run at the hotel but no bike which left me with two days off from the ride. I CAN’T REMEMBER the last time i took two days off from riding. i got home saturday night (Marley and Me was playing on the plane) oooffff tough movie for this dog lover. then i spent some time with the girls which was really fun. i prepared for the race well saturday night and then had a lot of time sunday morning to square things away. this whole time i am busy answering emails, calls and texts from all over the place with atheltes racing in four different states. Matt WON big at Cali 70.3 so big smiles there.
my warmup for the Nautica race went perfect with a good solid bike (although i did forget my deep 90 mm front carbon wheel)-bonehead move. i rode my training wheel-Zipp404, i know, not too bad. the swim felt great and my new Helix wettie was perfect. seriously, the most comfy suit i have ever worn. i swam well and out in 2nd place behind Elite Zenner Gustavo the Fish. good on ya. but i didnt have the normal sprint to the bike i typically have and was really tired. then on the bike i had nothing, just nothing. i couldnt hold 175 watts let alone 250 which is where i race this distance at. then pot hole hits and saddle goes down 45 degrees. UGHHHHH but the beauty of it all is i was patient and just did the best i could. really awkward riding like that though. did it ever happen to you? i saw two guys pass me and take off and i usually beat them. HHMMM not a great day but i just plugged away. i had a good T2, so what right? then had nothing on the run and frustration set in as i am just running so well. all my times and tests are spot on. but it really was a great race, a beautiful day and i did finish my first tri of 2009. the bad news is, i am going to rip my lungs out at the next race; go till the wheels fall off. anyone who is reading this and cheered for me and the other Zenners, THANK YOU. i heard you and felt you. always great racing in this exciting sport. you just never know. lesson learned: never fly in the night before and also my lil girl needs her naps.
coffee of the day: Organic Whole Foods French Roast

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