NYC pt. 2

Yep the last 2 days were quite busy and I am just shelled. I did four lectures, a 2.5 hour group ride in 15 degrees with wet and snowy conditions (%$$#^& EPIC) and then a swim class at the pool and a 2 hour dinner with all the team. The guys and gals are great albeit impervious to the cold. They are hardcore and some are a bit cuckoo. You know who I mean Single SPeeders.

I’m beat. So tomorrow I teach a 2 hour indoor cycling class as it is going to be 8 degrees (lovely) and then we run, then a strength training class and then the airport. Ahhhhh to be young. I had another good dinner with lots of veggies, salads and just a wee bit of white rice. I have lost a few pounds and trying to keep it off. Getting strict ain’t easy but I like the challenge. One meal at a time. Here I come Portland, lean and mean! I am really living it up in a nice bedroom in a great house but as I am writing this the pipes in the heater in my room are beginning to clank. It is 10:19 and ready for bed but how will I sleep.

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