February 3, 2007
pt. 1

I’m in NY and NJ for the weekend with thee Team Fitness Mission team doing some clinics, bike fits and getting to know the whole crew to help them start there domination of the Northeast multi sport team. What crazy bunch of freaks they are. Just kidding they are very good people who are eager to learn and absorb knowledge and fitness. The TFM team has many great components to it and giving back to the community and educating local kids is at the top of the list. I think many of them will achieve great goals this year and finish very well in there Cats.
I am here after being home for 2 weeks after the USAT congress, which was a great success and I really enjoyed being at. Baby Blu is getting really big and now I see something different in her each time I get home from a trip. Her eyes are getting more blue, her hair is getting curlier and we can just start seeing a little personality in her. But, we are doting parents so what do you expect. EZ did her first 5k race post partum. Not only did she do it on minimal training but she pushed Blu in the stroller the whole way. Tough woman eh? It was great seeing her compete again and it always one of the best things in my life to watch Erinne race. Some guys like watching there ladies dance but to me, mine rocks when she races. I can’t wait to see her do more.
Anyway I am back in Miami on Sunday and then it is to Bradneton next weekend for another camp, then home for 3 weeks then camp in Clermont followed by camp in Mallorca. After that I need time to decompress until April. April is travel heavy but fun trips. Thanks all for reading and for you two Jasons that read this, what up???

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