Off and running

So we are back from the family pilgramage and it was a convoluted but fun filled break. i have over 106,000 miles ont he Avalanche now and it’s still chugging away. I’m thinking of getting away from american cars and going Japanese on the next go around.
Work is streaming in at a nice pace and it is the 2nd of the year and we have signed up some great new athletes and hope to be closing the deal on some new projects that will keep diapers on baby Kaia. Oh, i’m glad yo uasked about her. Freaking great is what fatherhood is all about. Every day seems to be better, seriously, this little tyke is the coolest and ultimate experince ever. I do not prescribe to one religion or spiritual movement but if ever there were a time i should use word blessed, it would be with her. I came home from a ride today and she was sitting on the floor and she looked up and smiled and laughed. Days over in my book. Didn’t need anything else and it wa only nine AM. Now if 3 0r 4 certain people would email me back with some news I’m waiting on then it would make the month.
I know yo uwere wondering what the roast of the day was in our house. It was Peets, Major Dickasons blend. IT IS THE BOMB! go get it and think of me when you are sipping the best coffee ever.

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