One mans junk is anothers treasure..

so i was out running in the pouring rain today and thinking about how i was going to cook my buffalo burgers tonight when my train of thought shifted drastically as it usually does.
what is the definition of ‘junk miles’? frequently, i get asked about whether i am a volume coach or a quality coach and this seems like such an easy way to label people. i don’t know how i can answer this or how i would label myself if i had to.

but, it does lead me to ask what are junk miles??? i spent some time talking to a University of Oregon runner who specializes in 5k and 10k. he was telling me that they run 80-100 miles per week. now these are some of the fastest runners in the biz so my question is: would some people out there classify some of these miles as junk miles? in my opinion some individuals do better with more miles and more quality and some do better with less miles but as good quality. now, finding out which you fall into is the KEY!!! HOW CAN WE DO THIS? trial and error my friend and it also helps to have someone like a coach to bounce your data off of as this way you can have two heads looking at the issue. i can say that i am a proponent of frequent running. now is frequent running the same as junk miles. the proof is in the pudding. how good is the pudding or how well does the athlete do is the real question. what works better for you? anyway the burgers are burning so i better get them.

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