One Small Step for Man One Giant Leap for Leezee

All is going well here at Zohlman/ BZ headquarters. Erinne is back to racing yet still and it is great seeing her in race mode again. We had a terrific few days in Vero Beach where i shelled myself doing a midnight Lobster scube dive. We did get a few bugs and i cooked up a great little Risotto with Lobster for Erinne and her mom. It was quite good i must say. But, not getting in till 3 am rocked me for two days. Anyway i went and raced an Olympic tri in Clemront and managed a good race at 4th overall. i had a bug up my ass on the bike and went too hard but such is life and it was a good race for me. Next up for us is a 2 week trip to Switzerland to stay with our firneds/clients Aj and Lisbeth. Erinne, AJ and I will race the Geneva Tri on the 19th and we are all stoked to go stay in this quaint mountain village we have heard so much about for so many years. AJ and Lisbeth are such great people and we know we are just going to love it there. So more from CH later!!!

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