Our Swiss Trip

well too much time has gone by and i think of writing in here every day but you know how the days fly by. we have now been back 1 week from our 10 days Swiss trip. it was awesome. erinne, blu and I left with a box with 2 bikes, two duffels and a backpack each. it was a sight. we went miami, newark, geneva and then took 2 trains to Leysin. our friends AJ and Lisbeth whom we also represent live there and train there with about 15 other Pro triathletes. Lisbeth is preggers but managed to train everyday and when she comes back, look out girls.
Leysin is a tiny ski village and the quintessential French Swiss town with plenty of tough climbs and pastry shops. while there we had the pleasure of training with them as well as with 2006 World Champ Tim Don, Belinda Granger, Ben Sanson and many other fast characters. the training is serious business but also fun. we swam almost every morning and had some great sessions with lots of meters and speed. we also had plenty of climbing and lots of running. while there we also visited Gstaad, Geneva and Aigle. great places and Gstaad is hurting for money i can tell you that. suffice it to say erinne and i ate loads of cheese, chocolate and bread-very different from our food in the states. blu was great over there and very easy on the plane. we really lucked out with a cool kid. AJ and I also did the Geneva Int’l distance tri and he took 2nd in the Pro field and Ii laid another egg but it was a long and very tough course. also the swiss like to draft a LOT and since the race program said drafting was illegal i played by the rules and got left behind. it was more like a long rough swim, a crit race and then a 42 K run to boot. great venue though and very nice people at the race. i have always wanted to race in Europe and I got my wish. YES, EZ was supposed to race but the application was in French and I signed her up for the wrong race. i am in the dog house but hey, when am i not. it was also great to do some spped training on the track with AJ, Matt Reed and my rabbit Belinda Granger. i managed to stay with her for 7×800 and she went on to do a lot lot more!! pictures will be posted on the BZ site and they are very cool. all in all a very cool trip and great fun for the family! erinne is getting really fit for some late season races here and says hello to all of you. thanks to everyone on Team TBB, you rock. also big hugs and thanks to our friends Heather and Chris for putting us up on our final night and for visiting with us. we hope to see you soon!!!

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